A Marketing Star In Hiding!

I found a cool post in my F/B feed that had been liked by a friend of mine. The post wasn’t sent to me directly from a friend, but I did enjoy the post so I “liked” and “shared” it. This is the post:


“You have to stay in this cabin for the entire month of January. You have all the food and water you’ll need. You have enough firewood to keep a fire going until the 31st. You have no access to Internet, cell phones or tv. On the 31st of January, you walk out of the door with $100,000. Would you do it?”

Posted by Hilaria Hamm Rogers on Saturday, January 2, 2016

Then I wondered who was the original poster, Hilaria Hamm Rogers? Was the person who shared the post friends with her or merely somebody who followed her posts? I looked up Hilaria. She is Hilaria Hamm Rogers (Hil) from Sunny South, Alabama, USA. She has 4,991 friends AND 43,745 FOLLOWERS! Wow, this woman is obviously posting some cool stuff!

Here’s where Hilaria’s marketing genius comes in. I spent awhile on her F/B page looking at all of her different public posts. Quite a few of the posts were delicious looking recipes, but there was also some great quotes, videos, miscellaneous news items, and a lot more. I quickly joined her other 43,745 followers. Then I even shared some of her posts to my timeline.

Here are a couple of examples:

This is what I want in my life ❤️

This really needs to be placed in several places that you frequent. Bathroom mirror; car dashboard; cubicle. Wherever it is needed to remind you that this is it

Update: Please see Hilaria’s facebook page for her posts.

(All of above) Posted by Hilaria Hamm Rogers on Monday, December 28, 2015.

Hilaria had made all of these posts in a matter of one day; she was a very committed and I thought effective “Poster.” Then approximately half an hour later something dawns on me after I’ve seen a few posts that are similar in nature. There is a common thread here between a few of her posts. What was it? The common thread was “Skinny Fiber.”

Turns out that Hilaria is involved in and using products from Skinny Body Care .com. If you go back to her cover photo, you can see a note written by her about the product. I am usually very quick to pick up on any sites that are “suggestive selling.” But in this case, I was “blown away!”

But if Hilaria is marketing on her F/B page she is doing it so beautifully I am amazed. The link is actually almost hidden on only a few sparse posts that of course catch your eye because they are testimonial posts of dramatic weight loss. I even followed the link and started reading about the products myself with interest! I never do that.

Nevertheless, whether I ever try Skinny Fiber or not is entirely irrelevant. Maybe Hilaria is a marketing genius, and everyone needs to see how this Southern Belle does it so beautifully. Or perhaps she is just a cool woman who has great taste and posts cool stuff and also is having great success with a unique diet plan. Whichever is true it doesn’t matter to me. I like her posts, and so I’m going to keep following her and if you follow me on  F/B or are one of my friends you will undoubtedly be seeing me share some of her posts.

Then again, maybe I’ll start using Hilaria’s secret diet program. Then I’ll copy her top notch marketing and F/B posting campaign and before you know it I’ll be a skinny blond top notch marketing superstar! How’s that for a New Year’s Dream?


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