Resolutions: Get On With Living Not Failing

Everywhere you look, and everyone you listen too says something about New Year’s Resolutions. It seems that New Year’s Resolutions don’t succeed because they are only a regurgitation of everyone else’s resolutions or what is socially acceptable that year. They aren’t an accurate reflection of individuals and their true commitment to any real goals.

So may I suggest that everyone stop “SHOULDING” themselves making resolutions that won’t succeed. Instead, accept that you may or may not ever accomplish what you SHOULD. Be okay with not being a perfect “SHOULDER,” because you’re human, and make a more realistic set of goals for 2017. You might fulfill some of your goals, and then you will feel a whole lot better about yourself. Promise!

May I suggest the following to give you some productive ideas:

  • What was that thing that you said to yourself so many times last year, “Oh, I wish…….,” there’s a good start.
  • Do you have a favorite quote? Maybe start trying to implement part of it, or it’s overall message into your life.
  • Do you have a bucket list? Why? What are you waiting for? Start doing it now or, at least, committing to setting concrete plans to accomplish these things before you’re too old to enjoy them!
  • Go back over last year’s goals. Not resolutions, real goals. Did you achieve them to your satisfaction? Did you get distracted? Do you still want to accomplish them?
  • Did something from last year turn out differently than you planned or wanted? Now is a good time to perhaps make a change or revisit that original goal.
  • Did something unexpected or perhaps disappointing happen last year? An excellent idea would be anything to improve those things that didn’t work out as well as you would have liked.
  • Make at least one proactive goal. For example no matter what, promise to get your medical/dental check-ups, flu shots or even start a savings jar for summer vacation or next Christmas. You get the idea.
  • How about making a goal of trying (not becoming a superstar at it, just trying) one new thing each year. An honest to real goodness effort.
  • Take it one step further and try something new each month! Anything from learning how to make bread to keeping a plant alive!
  • Making a goal of doing something or giving to others is always wonderful. However, realistically we often fall down on this one because we forget about the other half of this goal. Giving to ourselves. Always make sure that you remember and commit to giving yourself what you need. We can only give properly and genuinely when we are healthy and happy ourselves.
  • At the very least do not make a list that has anything on it that has been on a previous year’s list and was a bad fail. There’s a reason these things were fails, just leave them be for now. Get on with living not failing.

Updated on Dec. 30. 2016 for 2017 Happy New Year Everyone!

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