The Best Of A Commercial Christmas.

Last year I posted the John Lewis Christmas commercial for 2014. It was wonderful and almost brought tears to my eyes. Then amazingly, I received a message from a lovely woman at John Lewis, who thanked me for sharing the commercial and saying that she hoped I enjoyed the message. I was blown away. This company must be #1 in the world for customer service, advertising, marketing, and social media. Either way, they got me, I’m a lifetime fan.

Here is their amazing 2015 Christmas advert.

All companies put their best foot forward for their Christmas advert or commercial and I’m a sucker for them. I happily watch all of the good ones over and over. That’s the point, though, right?

Here are some of my 2015 top picks.

Sainsburys is probably the best-known grocery chain in the United Kingdom although it is second in size. Perhaps I say that because I remember Sainsburys very well but have no memory of their competitors. Nevertheless, Sainsburys tries to make a Christmas commercial with a real heartfelt and positive Christmas message. I think they succeeded and managed to be funny as well.

No Christmas Commercial feature would be complete without Coke. Kind of like Christmas without turkey!

From The Body Shop UK comes a funny (slightly risque) look at Christmas.

This almost sad but then really joyful Christmas commercial reminds us to keep the spirit alive.

I love this commercial from WestJet. I don’t care if it was all set-up, it’s a lovely and nice idea.

Okay, I know you don’t have all day to spend watching Christmas commercials here on my blog. But I hope that seeing these 2015 top features has helped you feel in the spirit and appreciate the better side of commercialism.

Happy Christmas!