Lunch With Seth Godin

“Is it for people who are interested or those just driving by?

For the informed, intelligent, educated part of your audience? For those with an urgent need?

Is it designed to please the lowest common denominator?

If you’re trying to delight the people who are standing on one foot, reading their email and about to buy from a competitor because he’s cheaper than you, what compromises will you need to make? Are they worth it?”

Seth’s Blog

Yes, I am again quoting Seth Godin. Perhaps one day one of his staff will stumble upon my blog and or Twitter feeds and see all of the Seth Godin quotes, posts, and mentions and I’ll get asked over for lunch. It will be a very brief lunch, healthy and light. I will be silenced by my overwhelming desire to say something astonishing but suddenly becoming mute.

Perhaps Mr Godin (Seth to those invited for lunch) will offer me the job of a lifetime, but because I’m mute, he will think I have declined.

Mr Godin (once again, Seth to those who are invited for lunch) will undoubtedly bestow some incredibly wise conversation that is approximately 120 words long. He will thank me for my support and continued readership yet still quietly refuse to follow me back on Twitter.

Undoubtedly,  although he will appreciate how much I relate and learn from his writing, he will remind and chastise me for missing his central point which follows your creative path, avoid distractions by what is considered popular. Don’t undermine yourself or your work to meet demand. Stay true to your vision to do something that matters.

But wait one minute…….

I absolutely and totally agree with the above post from Seth and his general philosophy as I just mentioned in my little story. However, I have to be honest.

If you’re Seth Godin, then yes of course, absolutely, 100% stay on track and don’t sell out for one second, you can afford not too…….(deep breathe)

However, I, don’t particularly want to keep writing stuff that my cat won’t even read until I’m too old to type just so that I am staying true to what mattered.

Also, though, I admit I don’t have the patience or inclination to write or otherwise produce stupid, vapid electronic litter box liner for the “what’s cool today” crowd.

What’s my solution so far, be it only mildly successful.? Or rather unsuccessful, but it keeps my head above water. I try and walk that fine line between all worlds. I’m the ultimate split personality, people pleasing, blogging, social media, writer, type of person. A jack of all trades blogger, if there is such a thing.

But I’m not complaining because particularly in the last few months, I have learned A LOT about what matters to me and about my strengths. Accordingly, I have some fresh and exciting ideas and plans all lined up.

A lot of these insights, to some degree, are because of my little baby blog. I started that blog with the goal of finding out more about my strengths, and I succeeded. Imagine that?

So we’re back to selling out or staying true to ourselves. I sometimes think while you’re experimenting with the whole “what is right to me” thing, you do have to sell out a tiny bit. Just enough to keep going. Then once everything is settled, and you’re comfortable with who, where, and what you want to go for, then you go. No more selling out. Seems sensible and realistic to me. But I’m no Seth Godin.

Do you think a Seth Godin fan club would be tacky?