Busy-Ness or Productive?


I’m still receiving my regular newsletters, and as you know, Seth Godin’s is one of my favourites.

It seemed rather appropriate that he should write a post about productivity and busy-ness during this time when I am currently struggling with this subject. I just had to share.

“No one complains of having spent an entire day doing ‘productive work’. Busywork, on the other hand, is mindnumbing.

It’s possible that if you have a job where your tasks (your busy-ness) is programmed by someone else, that being busy is your job.

For everyone else, though, busy might be precisely the opposite of productive.

Maybe the best exhortation isn’t to, “get busy.”

Instead, perhaps it involves slowing down enough to feel the fear. The fear that we might only hear in the quiet moments, in the gaps between crises.

The fear is a necessary part of actually being productive in doing creative work.”

Seth Godin 23/11/2015 Newsletter

Admittedly, while I am attending to problems and duties at home I am very much feeling this need to demonstrate “busy-ness.” Purely for the sake of my semi-husband and of course, struggling daughter. This busy-ness is completely non-productive and in no way will manufacture better or faster results. But to them seeing me in my “busy-ness” is somehow comforting and shows that Mummy has come to the rescue and all will now be well. It equates security to them. But at what expense to me, is the question that I keep wondering. We’ll see what progresses.