A Passion Discovered

“Futures” original Quote by Amanda Ricks

“Futures” original Quote by Amanda Ricks.  

An example of one of my first Photo Quotes.

Most of my life I have been scribbling bits and pieces of writing. They weren’t complete poems or stories with a plot line and detailed meaning. These things that I wrote were more like random ideas.

Finally, as an adult, I realised that my scribbles were the perfect basis for quotes of motivation, inspiration or just insight. One day I saw my first Photo quote. Bingo. My love of beautiful images and my love of quotes all in one. A passion was born.

This realisation of being able to make something I love and then use them to convey compelling messages is truly a victory for me. Up until this point, I felt as if I was still missing that thing that truly sparked inside me.

I am now renovating an online store, and I am working on a book. Then who knows what will come next, but I have endless ideas in regards to my Photo Quotes.

Here are some examples for you to check out:



“Learning To Say No” an Original Quote by Amanda Ricks