The Internet Is Destroying Your Brain! ~ Infographic

Suddenly it seems that I keep coming across articles, studies and cool infographics citing the gross amount or dangers of internet usage on our brains.

Perhaps this is a sign from whoever is up there in the communications office that I should be cutting down on my internet usage!

Or perhaps not.

It could simply be a conspiracy by an organisation of anti-internet weirdos. By coincidence, these weirdos just happen to be excellent at making infographics and are flooding the market with this material. Either way, I win because I think infographics are cool, they look good in a post, and I’m always on the prowl for good looking post material.

Okay, even I realise that the last two paragraphs might offer some credence to the claims that excessive internet usage can produce brain deterioration. Apparently, though, scientists are feverishly working on various solutions to this problem. A particularly promising solution is called Transhumanism in which electronics are inserted into the skull.

If that solution is a bit squeamish for your taste, there are alternatives. Included on this cool infographic are more realistic and attainable solutions to stop permanent internet induced brain damage.

I hope you found the information and suggestions from above enlightening. If you would like to investigate any of the points mentioned further, please feel free to do your own in-depth time consuming online research. To help keep your investigation focused I think I heard somewhere that it is suggested that dark, closed in, poorly ventilated areas are recommended. Eating, drinking and fresh air only serve as a distraction.*(see note) Good luck with your research.

*(NOTE) The suggestions in this paragraph and post are offered purely as entertainment. They in no way should be taken seriously or actually physically done by any person in any way.  The author takes no responsibility for any positive or negative repercussions that may occur from anyone attempting any part of said written post.

Mental Dangers Infographic

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