Do You Know What Happens Every Minute On The Internet?

Every minute on the internet:

  • YouTube users upload 300 hours of video, an increase from 72 hours a year ago.
  • Netflix subscribers stream nearly 80,000 hours of video.
  • Vine users view more than 1 million videos.
  • BuzzFeed users watch more than 34,000 videos.
  • Instagram users like more than 1.7 million photos.
  • Snapchat users share nearly 300,000 snaps.
  • Pinterest pinners pin nearly 10,000 images, up from 3,400 a year ago.
  • Facebook users Like more than 4.1 million posts.
  • Twitter users tweet more than 347,000 times, up from 277,000 a year ago
  • Apple users download 51,000 apps, up slightly from 48,000 a year ago.
  • Amazon sees more than 4,310 unique visitors.
  • Uber passengers take nearly 700 rides.

Here is a cool Infographic that shows it all:


Which leaves me with a couple of questions:

Will books really become antiques just for show? Are we all going to start thinking and talking in fragments of only 140 characters long? Can we only think in terms of “liking” and “sharing” or nothing at all with no in between compromises in our relationships?

Perhaps most important, with everyone online, is the question of who is going to do the stupid dishes!

Credit  for infographic


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