Pebbles From Every Angle


Pebbles was carefully picked out by my then 11-year-old daughter from a shelter adoption agency as a special Elementary School Graduation gift. That was six years ago.

Pebbles can look rather serious and snobbish but inside he is the biggest baby ever. He and my daughter are bonded like two peas in a pod. Pebbles favourite mode of transportation is on top of my daughter’s petite shoulders as she walks around the house. It is forbidden for her to have a bath without him sitting on the side of the tub watching over her.

Pebbles has luxurious thick plush grey fur and is a long, lanky typical looking male fixed cat. However, when he is in the mood for some love and cuddles he gets so excited he even drools with happiness. Also, being such a long boy he often manages to take up more room on my daughter’s bed than she does.

It is a good thing that they are growing up together because they both had to adjust to the whole concept of boyfriends. Luckily Pebbles has accepted and is quite happy with my daughter’s current boyfriend.

Only time will tell, how well they both adjust to all the many more new things to come in the future.

From Every Angle


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