See The World With Nurul Lubis

Nurul Lubis “is a traveler with a million dreams.”

She also has an eye that see’s a beautiful world and is able to capture it by photograph for us all to enjoy. Nurul is a very busy person who has three sites all relating to photography: My Lens My Universe, (which is my favourite I have to confess!),  An Ongoing Journey and Window Fitri.

I also discovered Nurul has a talent for insight and writing. These talents became apparent when she left her answers to “Who Are You: Part Two.” Here is her comment:

 Traveling around the world, doing voluntary works in every country.
War Victims
Serious Disease
My Heart
My Ex-boyfriend (forgiven but not forgotten)
Seeing other’s possession and happiness and compared to yourself
What people think about me
A simple smile from strangers on the bad hair day..

By Nurul Lubis

I am constantly amazed how someone’s simple answers to a few questions can become such a beautiful insightful piece of poetry.

Thanks for sharing, Amanda

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