Introducing The Ever Talented Joelle LeGendre.

Yes, I’m going to expose our well-loved Floridaborne from Two On A Rant, who is also known as Joelle LeGendre, the author of Atto Run. If you know how to read Joelle/Floridaborne would just love you to pieces if you gave her book a read. It’s worth it!






Joelle and I have had many a wonderful back and forth conversation via our comment’s sections and email. She has made me laugh so hard I thought I would puke and also lent a shoulder whenever needed.

Known for her wit, fiery convictions as well as her lovely poetry, Joelle left a beautiful poem in response to Who Are You Part 2. Here it is:

Were no one to judge when I turned 20,
a man might have a child to call his own.
Karma has not completely robbed me
of sight, sound, taste, touch or word.
But I have yet to forgive that
one weakness,

Finding happiment is…

a gift to show ancestral soul.

Image tells us only of the flesh,
but on the canvas of a page,
I trace the humor, draw the
emotions, paint a sunrise hope,
a sunset love to rise above
a forest of wonder.

What is my shield against the arrows
of doubt and hopelessness
thrown at us by those whose
joy is found by the act of
eagerly destroying
our dreams?

A gentle laugh, the heart’s appreciation,
reminders that life is too short
to tolerate the parasites
who shrivel at the
presence of
a smile.

–Joelle LeGendre

Thank you always for enlighting our days with yourself and your writing.


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