Follow A Direction, Never Give Up.

I wasn’t even looking for something like this at all, but Google has an odd and weird way of giving you some interesting things from your search requests. It’s from a site called Quora which I’m not even familiar with. Apparently, it has some sort of system where people can send in questions or problems and other people in the community can respond.

I just started reading the first entry at the top of the page in front of me. It was a young woman in University who was struggling with depression and had nowhere to turn. She didn’t know what to do. I got the impression that perhaps she was a foreign student and not familiar with available services.

The first response was from a young man who answered in a way that I thought showed an incredibly creative, insightful yet practical solution or direction for this young woman to follow. It was simple and effective. I was very impressed.

I just felt that this young man’s efforts should be shared and passed on. I hope that they helped the student. I like to think that they did.

by Vijayraj Kamat  Teacher’s soul in a corporate body (Quora)

“Trust me, it’s OK. It happens. When you cannot determine your direction yourself, at least follow one. Until you can figure out your own.

Hopes, dreams, visions, confidence, inspiration, ambition, motivation, ideas, goals, movies, quotes and all the ‘good stuff’ are all just the means. To do something.

But then we wait…for that ‘something’ to be right enough, cool enough, great enough, grand enough, approved enough, secure enough. So we never start.

If we find something that fits all those criteria, we wait for direction and inspiration. From movies, peers, quotes, books. We read, analyse, argue, debate, struggle…..but still don’t start.

If we start, then we give up at the first sign where our ‘grand success’ seems threatened.

Do you see what I am saying? All those things you think are stopping you, do you realise you might still be OK WITHOUT that ‘good stuff’? That you need not wait for it? That ‘wait’ itself might be your biggest problem.

Do you realize that the ‘waiting’ itself is your life in ‘pause mode’? If you are waiting, how will your life take off?

Then there are some people who have no clue where they are going, but then they start…then they get a sweet or bitter taste..they change direction. But they keep going. Eventually, they hit(or they don’t) something big. For others – it’s a miracle. For them, it’s just natural! If you ask them had they planned for this when they started, they will laugh.

Yes, you feel lost, depressed, demotivated right now. Maybe you cannot create the next Facebook, or write the next Harry Potter series? But can you stand up, walk, take a bath, enjoy a movie? OK….then can you think? What do you love? Children? Travel?

Children? Can you stand up, dress up, catch an auto? Go to a poor school and tell them you will work for free, whatever they give you., that you need to do it.

Travel? Can you stand up, call a friend, dress up, catch an auto? Go to a  travel agent. Tell him you will work for free. Ask your friends for contacts

It’s important to ACT. And if you don’t know what, you simply follow somebody’s directions. That engages your brain, puts it in touch with things other than the mess it is used to. Your mind sees that there are many more things than it had imagined, many more problems and that you can solve them too. It slowly comes out of that ‘negative spiral’. So get busy(not stressed)

Once you come out of the negative spiral, you can worry about the fancy stuff like grand ideas, awesome success, earning millions….or maybe you can keep following the flow. And figuring it out as you go. Higher chance you might make it.

Do not wait to start….START.”

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