Surprising Lives: “Introduce Yourself”

Starting on Monday, August 31, 2015, and every Monday from that day forward until otherwise informed, Surprising Lives  will publish a post called “Introduce Yourself.”

These posts will include a few easy questions or other types of writing that will hopefully invoke the reader to think and respond with something interesting and/or insightful about themselves, their life or their philosophy. These are positive and proactive ideas and lessons that we’re looking for.

Surprising Lives hopes and encourages all readers to read the post and respond back to Surprising Lives with their insights in the comment section of the post.

There are very few rules currently as to the type of responses. Obviously, all WordPress Guidelines must be followed. Light swearing is allowed if it is deemed appropriate to make a point. This Blog is registered as a PG13 blog; please abide by that rating. Keep in mind that all comments/responses do have to be approved by moderation so nothing truly offensive or ridiculous is going to go through.

All different types of responses are welcome and encouraged. Email me your response, but only if you have too. Let “you” shine through. I want Surprising Lives to come alive with all of your amazing personalities and responses.    

The most interesting or insightful readers/comments as judged by me based on each person individually (not versus the group) will be featured in a post focused on just them and their comment for all of us to share. 

I am really excited about this new venture for Surprising Lives. I love sharing how wonderful, creative and interesting all of you are with each other. I will keep you all updated if and when any kinks need to be updated.

We are always interested in your response, comment, or question. Our comments are never closed.

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