Who Are You: Part 2


The original post “Who Are You” was a great hit. Quite a few people answered the questions on the cards and two people even answered them in poem form! Please see my posts “You have To Meet Vickie Kayuk” and “Please Meet Rob McConnell.” for a couple of inspiring reads.

So, me, being the type always to go with a good thing, I thought okay let’s do another post with some more of those question cards. All you have to do is quickly (don’t think too much) answer each cards question. Then when you’re finished hopefully, you will have a better understanding about yourself, your goals and maybe some things you want to work on.




It’s fun, so give it a try.

That’s it for part two. I hope you enjoy answering the questions. Please feel free to share your answers just let me know if you would like to be anonymous and I will honour your wishes.

Cards originally from:

Marc and Angel

Thought Questions

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