Thou Douth Protest Too Much!


It’s always the way. The kettle calls the pot black and the person who makes the most fuss about something is the who is most guilty of doing it or something similar themselves! It’s so simple and so obvious that I’m continually amazed when I see so many people doing it so often.

Let me think of a few typical examples.

  • There’s always the preachy “aren’t I amazing” recovering alcoholic who is a chain smoker and valium addict.
  • The overly health conscious Mother with her organic groceries and a box of Twinkies.
  • I always love it when I get to work with the perfectly dressed, organized, walk the snobby talk, executive. The same one who never even managed to graduate from his Business School Diploma program.
  • What about the phone in guidance person for your weight loss program who keeps going on about the terrible issues around obesity but herself is grossly overweight.
  • Or your family Doctor who couldn’t even run to catch a bus.
  • True story on this one. The psychiatrist who has Bipolar and coincidently the majority of his patients who he diagnosed also have Bipolar.
  • All of us know a few of these guys. The social media consultant. That amazing guy who knows it all. But when push comes to shove it always turns out he’s never actually received any education or more importantly any real experience except the gift of the gab.
  • Then again,”Consultants” of anything who all seem to have the gift of the gab. Then they all turn out to be pseudo-experts in big talk more than anything else!
  • People who preach about how terrible too much sugar is for your health. Then these same people somehow accept that the copious amounts of chemicals in the fake sweeteners they consume are an acceptable and healthy alternative.
  • Anyone who says anything that in anyway is a negative attribute of a particular group of people other than the group that they perceive themselves belonging to. The worst, and it still happens!
  • Anyone who is either vegetarian or claims to stand for animal rights yet wears real fur.
  • People who say they stand for animal rights but buy cosmetics tested on animals.
  • Teenagers (or other people) who scream that nobody ever listens to them but always have their heads down looking and playing on their cell phones no matter what’s going on around them.
  • Co-habitants who complain about things around the house but never ever help with even the smallest chores.
  • People who complain about the meals that are prepared but never do any of the cooking, shopping or clean-up themselves.
  • People who move to Canada and then spend the rest of their life complaining that it’s not as good as back home.

What it all comes down to is hypocrisy. It seems to have become fashionable in some circles to complain about particular subjects. However, people need to be careful about pointing fingers. Remember the saying “For every finger you point five are pointing back.”

Besides, blaming, complaining and pointing fingers is all so negative it just makes the person doing it negative. Better to look for the good things and give your brain a break by letting all those happy chemicals flow!


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