Join The Twitter Go Round; Crazy, Funny, Tweets.

I spend a lot of time involved with Twitter including all of it’s twirling swirling crazy tweeters and tweets. Admittedly there are also millions of regular people on Twitter who tweet relevant, informative and interesting things. There are also some really funny people who I loved to follow even though their tweets weren’t exactly professional.

Then there’s the nut cases and just slightly bizarre individuals who choose Twitter as their preferred social media platform. This last group does sometimes manage to overshadow the majority.

No matter your opinion of  Twitter you can be guaranteed an interesting visit anytime you drop by for a visit. To prove my point I visited Twitter for only 1/2 hour late Thursday afternoon and while eating a sandwich copied the following tweets. They are 100% authentic, I promise. The scary part is that they are from my followers or re-tweets from my followers! Hey, all I care about is that they like my stuff once in awhile.

A Sample of Random Tweets collected Thurs. Aug. 6,  2015

~”Guess what? A…..P…… just posted a million photos to Facebook. Now, what?”

~”Why is it that no plastic bag will open from the end on your first try?”

~”Tired of lugging those cumbersome, sweaty balls around? Laugh them off”

~”Fast Food? Yup”

~”So You’re Going to Rehab”

~”5 ways America is already socialist (and why that’s mostly a good thing)”

~”Is there a reason why you are single? Find out here”

~”Modern parenting may hinder brain development, research suggests –”

~”I want to put my ding-dong in your hoo-ha.” — Nymph-O-Maniacs”

~”Sadie got an umbrella for her birthday…and it’s magic!”

~”I’m slaying dragons for votes!”

~”Can we move Sunday to September?”

~”His Girlfriend Noticed Something Weird In Her Belly Button When They Took It Out        Doesn’t clean”

~”Bitch betta have my… oh.”

~”It’s great to have your own portable home”

~”6 Ways You’re Making Staying Organized Harder Than It Has to Be”

~”10 Surprising Reasons to Hire More Introverts”

~”affixes to top of timeline for ambience*”

~”Everyone Wants To See Photos of Girls With Legs Up.”

~”Hands up for who cares!”

~”That’s why I loved my waterbed, lol”

~”Drool-worthy chocolate recipes!”

~”7 Important Signs She Doesn’t Like Your Penis!”

~”Nodding the head does not row the boat.”

~”How to keep your head from exploding”

~”The Top Face Yoga Strengthening Regimen”

~”Twitter isn’t the addiction”

~”What’s that taste in my mouth every 45 seconds or so”

~”You had me at “WOOF.”

~”I think I like it when you beg,”

~”The gargoyle positioned its throbbing, pitch-black penis between her legs, and cackled.”

~”Last Call”

~”Tune him out.” — the smartest thing said all night”

~”Trump is hitting a nerve but he is crazy as shit too.”

~”Toothbrush-Painted Butterflies”

~”I wonder what the ratio is for crap versus real info or at least interesting crap tweeted is?

 Hope you enjoyed these Tweets!
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