How to Start A Blog~Updated. Who Is Your Targeted Audience?

That’s me, not knowing how to start my blog!

On Sat. Aug. 9th, 2014 at 12:30 p.m. EDT I had an eye opening conservation with  Robert Caruso. Robert is the former Founder and CEO of Social Resolve, LLC and Bundle Post. He remains among the top 50 Social media Influencers and is a wealth of knowledge in regards to all things internet.

During our conversation, I learned so much about blogging and the relationship that social media has with blogging that it turned my previous notions about both subjects upside down. I may take a couple of posts to explain not only what I learned but how I am going to merge these lessons into my blogging and the use of social media. I will have to swallow my pride, because of course, initially, I have to admit that I have been doing everything the wrong way!

When I realized that I wanted to start a blog, I admit I didn’t do any research as to what I should know or do before I started. I figured I would just build it, and they would come! Well, I now know that only happens in Hollywood.

Robert Caruso

To borrow from Robert, the internet is a huge, very fast-moving highway, and I and my little blog are just one little car whizzing down this highway. All my potential readers and followers are sitting beside this highway just watching all the little cars whiz by. Without using Social Media to distinguish my blog and to promote it, I’m just another blank little car. I was being very naive thinking that somehow, by chance, these potential readers and followers would just randomly notice and grab onto me and my little car.

In other words, I had no “target audience.” A target audience is an audience which you want to focus on attracting as readers for your blog. However, by using social media you can reach out to a specific group or target audience for your blog and get readers that will be interested in your blog’s objective or niche.

So how do business’s or other blogs like mine build their audiences? I had no idea. Plus, most importantly what was my objective? I needed a clear, concise objective. What was my blog going to be about? A very good question. Once I figured that out then I could build a target audience. Wow, I felt like an airhead.

Obviously, my first step should be to figure out my objective. What was my passion? What was my blog going to be about? Easier said than done because above all else, I needed to keep in mind my audience, not just me. What topic would be interesting and helpful to others? I had tossed around quite a few ideas based on my strengths, experience and interests, but it still felt like a big decision.

For now, I’m going to leave you hanging until the next instalment when I reveal my decision. This is, after all, a learning experience for all of us. Let me know how you decided on your blog object.

Authors Note: This post was originally written in early 2014 and published the summer of 2014. The points are still very relevant so I have republished it.


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