Revival Of The Soul; Los Chorros, El Salvador.


Los Chorros, El Salvador


There are special places on our planet. These places seem to hold a unique peacefulness that you can feel seep into your soul when you spend time there. Los Chorros, El Salvador is one of those special places.

I had the incredible opportunity to visit Los Chorros almost 30 years ago long before it became a tourist attraction. At that time, it still was part of the jungle. Hidden like a precious gem among the lush tropical canopy surrounding it.

It was incredible how nature had carved out this amazing place of hot springs. It was laid out almost like rooms connected by large rocks on which you could walk from area to area. Beautiful little waterfalls dotted the walls, and unique stone shapes jutted out artistically.

The best part, of course, was laying down in the naturally warm water. There’s something extraordinary about naturally warm spring water. It somehow spreads warmth throughout your whole body. It feels like your soul has been touched.

Laying there in the warmth listening only to the natural sounds of the jungle around you puts you into a trance of peacefulness. A feeling like no other. A place like no other.

Sadly, Los Chorros has now become a busy tourist location, and I fear it has lost its uniqueness. For me, this makes it all that more important that we keep the special places on our planet safe so that they may be enjoyed forever.

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