Tea Time At Andy Warhols Granny’s House

Due to technical difficulties, we are updating this photo.

A vividly fun photographic project by Amanda Ricks and Samantha Wilson

Vivid: (dictionary.reference.com)


~ Striking, bright or intense as color, light

~ full of life, lively, animated

~ presenting the appearance freshness, spirit, etc of life, realistic

~ strong, distinct or clearly perceptible

~ forming distinct and striking mental images

This photograph and the fun technique we used on it distorts the photo itself and also changes the original colours into a fun almost Andy Warhol knock-off type of picture.  What strikes me most is that the photo and the subjects of the picture both fall into the definition of vivid.

The subjects and photo are bright, full of life, lively, spirited, distinct and form a striking mental image. What more could you ask for?