Snow, A Force of Nature

Guess I shouldn’t have parked here eh?

Snow, A Force of Nature: Toronto 2014 First Snow Fall of The Season

There’s one good thing about snow, it makes your lawn look as nice as your neighbours. ~ Clyde Moore quotes


In Toronto, Canada we get a fair amount of snow each winter. Compared to other parts of Canada, however, we are usually spared the really extreme snow that even makes leaving your house impossible.

Nevertheless, we do experience the forces of nature year round. Summers can bring us suffocatingly humid days of nearly 96 degrees F and then within months we are knee deep in the snow with temperatures around 0 degrees F!

What A lovely snowy day!

I actually prefer the cold weather because you can always put on more clothes and I have no problem driving in the snow. A few years ago I inherited some money from my parents and I treated myself to a fully loaded (snow buster) SUV! This vehicle has everything you could ever want for safe and comfortable snow driving and I love it.

My daughter’s idea of a snow day!

The best thing about winter’s forces of nature, like snow storms and blizzards is being at home safe and sound. Often I will dim the lights, open the curtains and just watch and listen. The spectacle is both a wonderful sight and also a special quietness. It feels as if the world is pausing and muffled for the wonderful show.


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