Westminster Abbey: Intricate Worship

Westminster Abbey. London, England

As I mentioned last week I am currently investigating and trying to organise my files on my laptop. My main problem is that I have photos, pictures and assorted images in numerous files, folders and even places that shouldn’t hold such things.

I guess it’s a little obvious that I always had an excellent assistant when I was working out in the big bad world! I have tried to convince my cat to take over as my assistant at home, but her skills really leave a lot to be desired. LOL

Nevertheless, as with last week’s challenge, I came upon this spectacular photo of Westminster Abbey from London, England in my files. I think it fits this week’s theme of intricate perfectly.

The never ending attention to every detail of interconnected carved arches, intricate detailed woodwork, angles of light and rich colours manifest into one of the most spectacular inner sanctums. As you enter even if you are an atheist I’m sure you can still feel the special ambience and almost unique soft energy within the walls.

The Abbey is a “Royal Peculiar” which means that it belongs directly to the Monarch and has a 1,000-year-old Royal history. Queen Victoria had her Coronation there in June 1837. Queen Elizabeth married Prince Phillip there on November 20. 1947 and Prince William and Kate Middleton also married there.

Sadly, Diana, Princess of Wales’ Funeral was held there on September 6. 1997. Additionally, the burial site of The Unknown Soldier is at Westminster Abbey.

Overall this majestic Abbey is truly an intricate architectural marvel as well as an intricate memory of many people’s lives.


Time was a great resource for some of the facts included.

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