Teen Lingo Finally Uncovered For You To Understand!


Warning rated PG!

Every generation of teenagers has their own set of words or phrases that they use to describe things. Unfortunately, however, this lingo is usually completely alien to their parents and other adults.

I am lucky enough to have a couple of confidential informants who have given me a few of the most used teen “words” of 2015 and their meanings. Here we go with the latest trend in teen lingo.


Teen Lingo versus meaning:

1. on fleek/on point:   Means -really cool or nice

2. zero to one hundred:   Means -from really lame to really cool.

3. bare:   Means – a lot of some-thing.

4. say word:  Means- I agree.

5. wogwon:   Means – what’s up?

6. reach:   Means – come here/come hang out.

7. fuck boy:   Means – the male version of someone who sleeps around.

8. thirsty:   Means – desperate.

9. square up:   Means – let’s fight.

10. roast:   Means – making fun of.

11. Savage:   Means – ruthless.

12. Salty:   Means- to feel embarrassed

I hope you feel enlightened by the above info. Remember to use the info wisely however since it does come from secret sources! LOL



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