50 Outstanding and Easy Acts of Kindness


Random acts of kindness have become very popular in the media lately, and I wonder how many people are practising this concept. Perhaps part of getting people to participate in this excellent idea is the very concept of it being random. This details of the concept can make it very easy to forget, especially with our busy lives.

So let’s take it all one step further and call it Deliberate and Planned Acts of kindness. With this new name hopefully, we can make the whole giving with kindness idea a part of our everyday lives.

Now is the holiday season and the emphasis are on giving and being thankful so what better time to review some ways in which you can easily practice Acts of Kindness. There are limitless ways in which to practice Acts of Kindness, but I wanted to share with you some easy yet great suggestions.

Here we go:

1.    Smile at a stranger on the street for no particular reason.

2.    Remember to hold the door open for the next person.

3.    Let somebody go ahead of you in line at the store if they only have a few items. (Better yet, even if they do more things, but they seem rushed).

4.    Let the driver trying to come into your lane go ahead.

5.    Stop your car to let pedestrians cross the road.

6.    Offer your seat on the bus or subway to someone. (It doesn’t have to be a senior citizen, it could be anyone who looks like they would appreciate a seat).

7.    Hold the elevator for other people to get on.

8.    Compliment a stranger unexpectedly.

9.    When you’re out, praise a parent on how well-behaved their child is.

10.   At the store, sincerely ask the cashier how their day is going.

11.    If you notice a car with an expired meter, put in a quarter.

12.   Let another car have the parking space that you both notice.

13.   If you use a laundry room, leave a few spare quarters for the next person.

14.   Help an elderly or otherwise needy neighbour take out their garbage, rake leaves or clear snow.

15.   Next time a cashier asks if you would like to donate $1.00 to charity says yes.

16.   Offer to babysit, catsit or dogsit for free for someone who needs a break.

17.   Offer to cook, do laundry, clean, etc. for a new Mother or anyone needing help.

18.   When someone needs to talk just LISTEN, don’t interrupt with advice unless asked.

19.   Donate clothes and any other appropriate items to charities. Try to remember the smaller charities that don’t receive as many donations.

20.   Volunteer.

21.   Leave sticky notes with happy, cute or funny sayings on them in public washrooms, at bus shelters, on gas pumps, in fitting rooms and anywhere else appropriate.

22.   When paying for your coffee at your regular coffee shop pay for an extra coffee and tell the cashier that it is for the next person.

23.    Donate a new, unwrapped gift to a “Toy Drive” at Christmas. Teens especially need gifts.

24.   Donate food during the food drives in your area.

25.   Help someone struggling with heavy or multiple bags.

26.   Volunteer to be the designated driver.

27.   Call someone who you haven’t talked to in a while.

28.   Mail a note to someone you care about.

29.   Buy someone flowers, just because.

30.   Send a special Thank You note to your favourite  Teacher.

31.   Donate magazines to a waiting room.

32.   Donate blood.

33.   Tape some change to a payphone.

34.   Make two lunches and give one to a homeless person on your way to work.

35.   Remember animal shelters always need donations of towels, blankets, toys and food.

36.   Tweet or Facebook message a genuine compliment to someone.

37.   Text a surprise happy greeting text to a friend.

38.   If you borrow your partner’s car fill it with gas and get it washed.

39.    Cook your partner’s favourite dinner as a surprise, just because.

40.   Don’t forget to also donate your old cell phones and eyeglasses.

41.   Leave a nice comment on a blog.

42.   Bring in little treats for everyone at work one day.

43.   Compliment a co-worker in front of the boss.

44.   Put a little extra into the tip jar at your local coffee shop.

45.   Write a thank you note with your tip for your waitress or waiter.

46.   In the unbearably hot days of summer give a cold bottle of water to the mail carrier or delivery person.

47.   Pick up a couple of knitted hats and pairs of gloves at the dollar store and offer them to people in need on freezing winter days.

48.   Leave a surprise word of appreciation on co-worker’s or your boss’ desk.

49.  During holidays bring in some small seasonal surprises for your co-workers and boss.

50.   Always say Thank You.

There you have 50 very easy acts of kindness that you can plan ahead to do but will seem very random to the people receiving them. I hope that you can plan on doing some of them and as you keep doing them it will become second nature. How great will it be if lots of us keep doing these type of acts of kindness? Let me know how you do; I’d love to hear about your experiences.


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