Emma Watson’s UN speech: What Do You Think?


Emma Watson, as UN Global Goodwill Ambassador, manages in one speech to clarify eloquently, and in a precise way the real meaning of feminism. She also only uses approximately 13 minutes to discuss the entire issue of “what is” gender equality.

The speech and Emma Watson’s delivery are mesmerizing and insightful.

Emma Watson UN speech – YouTube

Ms. Watson made a number of significant points. (The following notes have been paraphrased.)

  • Feminism is NOT man-hating.
  • Feminism is about Gender Equality
  • Women have become afraid to be called Feminists because the name has become synonymous with women being too strong, aggressive and anti-men.
  • Feminism is actually about fair pay, having women involved in decisions that involve women’s bodies, social respect for women and all of these are actually human rights.
  • Gender equality is a men’s issue too.
  • When men don’t feel the need to be aggressive to be accepted then women won’t be compelled to be submissive.
  • If men don’t have to control then women won’t have to be controlled.
  • Ms. Watson officially invited all men to join in the UN “He to She” Campaign for gender equality.

No matter what gender you are it is really worth your time to find 13 minutes to watch this speech.

The points above and the points in Emma Watson’s speech offer a great opportunity to further think about and perhaps define your own definition of this topic.